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Here’s how it works.

In the main, each class will consist of sub-divisions for every 100 shooters within this class. There will be individual payouts for each of the subdivisions.

Example for Master Class:

If there are 500 Master class shooters registered for the MAIN, then Master class will have 5 subdivisions. At onsight check-in, each shooter will draw a poker chip.

There will be a different colored chip per subdivision. The color represents the assigned subdivision.

The subdivisions are in addition to the regular scoring of HOA and RU.

HOA and RU are not eligible for subdivision payouts.

The same formula continues for all classes.


Detail Information

A shooter has pre-registered via Score Chaser. At check-in you are presented with a bag of poker chips, DRAW ONE! Based upon the color drawn you are placed in that subdivision. You now have an additional chase of winning.

Hint #1

The subdivisions are independent of SQUADS.

Hint #3

Each subdivision will pay 4 places.

Hint #2

If a class has less than 100 entries it will not have subdivisions.

Hint #4

Subdivisions do not apply to options.

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